Blogs by Women Lets the Boys In?

Like Angie, it's been hard to stay on task with all the news of Katrina victims dominating our minds. One of my friends is heading to Texas to personally deliver much needed supplies since the Red Cross is having problems getting those supplies delivered. Please, donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank if you can.

I've tossed the idea around that I might want to add a touch of male presence here at Blogs by Women. Oh, I hear some of you now: They don't allow women at the Masters Golf tournament, why should we allow boys here at Blogs by Women? I also understand completely the need to have a space where women bloggers are featured without the necessity to add a male here and there to liven up the place. But, we want to be inclusive without changing the core of what we started.

So, here are a couple of suggestions:

1. A "Men We Like" Link List (this is not a reciprocal blogroll like the BlogsbyWomen blogroll). Example:

Title of Blog (link)
brief description of blog
--nominated by woman blogger (will be a link to the blogger's blog)

2. Weekly "Men We Like" Posts. Women bloggers send in their nominations and we do a cut and paste of your comments. We link to the blogger you nominated and we link to your blog.

We will continue to highlight women bloggers as we always have. That won't change a bit.

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