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I've had Quirky Chick on my Blog Explosion blogmark list for eons. It was definitely the Chinese-menu-themed layout that grabbed me. But it was this Sept. 3 post that got me thinking in particular about rituals.

We all have our "rituals," whether it be our nightime face-washing/moisturizing ritual, our workout-at-the-gym ritual, our jeans-shopping ritual, etc. We do these every day, week, month, etc.

But what Quirky Chick alludes to in her post is the idea of "ritual" that's signaled by the changing of seasons. Living in California, we don't really experience the change of seasons. Where I live, my seasons are Foggy, Cold, and Occasional Heat Wave. If you're in Southern California, your seasons are probably Hot, and Not Hot.

Living in upstate NY for a while really made me understand the passage of time, and what role the change in seasons have in shaping our traditions, personalities (seasonal affective disorder, anyone?), and yes, rituals.

Quirky Girl posts about the beginning of Autumn, and how this season gets her in touch with her Inner Martha:

Although I tend to leave illegal trading out of the mix, a weird insanity befalls me. Even though I never, ever cook anything more complicated than Hamburger Helper or grilled chicken breast during the rest of the year, I start seriously pondering recipes for ridiculous things like homemade marshmallows and foods involving flambe.

Me personally, I don't get into rituals per se. I just get into phases. Around Christmas time, sometimes I'll get on this cookie-baking-from-scratch kick (although I generally like to cook anyway). Other years, I could care less.

What seasonal rituals, if any, do you have?

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