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I wonder how many women I have convinced to start taking birth control with this site....

32 weeks pregnant and I have gained 32 pounds. I think I deserve some kind of an award for consecutively gaining 1 pound each week during the entire pregnancy. And I think I also deserve some free Chocolate Lucky Charms for promoting them so much on this site. Free Chocolate Lucky Charms could be my award, seeing as though they're one of the major parts of the weight gaining equation.

My stomach is seemingly defying the laws of gravity. I had no idea that one's stomach could expand so far, but I am living proof that yes, it really can. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I always joked that I was carrying her in my ass because my belly stayed relatively small while my hips and ass expanded to the point where I needed to turn sideways to walk through doors. (This is just barely an exaggeration.) But, this time it's completely opposite. Yes, my hips and ass have expanded and my thighs are jiggly and my arms are squishy, but my stomach - my GOD - the stomach is enormous. I would post some pictures to show you, but I have bludgeoned to death anyone who has pointed a camera in my direction in the past month or so, so there are none.

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