Renee Gets Fit

B/c I have to

I've got a lot of clutter in my life. A lot. it seems like an oxymoron b/c on the on hand I'm very OCD, I am very meticulous and detailed in how I approach my fitness, but my car, desk, bedroom, closet all look like tornadoes hit them. And it's so draining. Each week I pump myself up to do something about it and each weekend the thought of it makes me tired or I run away to the movies and then sleep away Sunday to avoid only to wake up drained and distracted by the clutter on Monday. This has gone on far longer than I care to admit and as I was having flashes of tackling something this weekend, I found myself looking to see what time Must Love Dogs will be showing on Saturday.

I've GOT to do something about it already. It's symptomatic of other clutter I have when it comes to moving myself forward and out of miserable situations. So this Saturday & Sunday I will commit to cleaning up at least 3 areas. My car, my hallway closet and the hallway. I can't commit to doing more b/c it's so much but if there is time, I'll work on my desk and work my way around my bedroom each weekend. I have a finance related post to write but before I get to the heart of what I need to do, I need to clear out the junk and get myself organized again.

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