Life at 16 months

To my dear son,

Friends and family are always asking what you're doing at the various stages of development. I decided I should post about that now and then, so that you'll have something to look back on, and so they'll know too...

Every day is an adventure. You wake up around 7 each morning and are ready to dive into the day. We often hear you chatting in your crib first thing in the morning - it makes us smile! You're a very expressive chatterer. You usually greet us with a cheery smile and "Hi! hi! hi!" though lately it's been "Baw! baw! baw," referring to the little playground balls I bought for you. You're very attached to those balls and want to see them right away when you get up. Daddy wants to write NBA on them, just to plant a little seed -- no pressure, of course!

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