The Unhealthy State of Women's Healthcare

On Thursday the Kaiser Family Foundation released the results of its latest survey on women and healthcare, and the results aren't pretty.

Kaiser found that among those women who do not have health insurance, two-thirds could not afford *any* medical care last year.

And even those *with* insurance aren't fairing that well. One-fourth of young & middle-aged women in the US decided to forego medical treatment or prescriptions because it was too expensive. In the past year, one in five women report that they did not fill a prescription because of the cost.

Alina Salganicoff, vice president and director of women's health policy at Kaiser Family Foundation explained that: "The growth in health care costs has become a central women's health issue. A sizable share of women are falling through the cracks, either because they don't have insurance or even with insurance can't afford to pay for medical care or prescription drugs." (sigh).

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