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I see a lot of cat blogging, so I thought I would point BbW readers to women cat bloggers. After reading some of these blogs, I'm thinking I might start cat blogging at SistersTalk, but I don't know if I can commit myself to blogging regularly on cats -- even though I do love my little babies. At one point, I joked that in 30 years I'd be "the old lesbian in the corner house with all the cats." My kids embarass me regularly by telling all new people in my life that I "talk for the cats." I do, but do they have to tell everybody?

Anyway, here are bloggers who love their cats just as much as I do.

Bootstrap Analysis is a regular Friday Cat blogger. Cat Blogged presents great pictures of cute little babies ya just wanna take home and spoil silly. This cat is feeling as sick as a dog. This Cat Blog is full of pictures, too. You might be there awhile; grab some coffee. BamaBlog is a nice cat blog dating back to 2003. It's a Cat's World here; this blog looks like a group thing. And lastly, PsychoKitty is a must-read.

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