Friday Link Love - Post-Independence Day Edition

This week's BlogsByWomen recommended reads:

If you like storytelling and personal narrative, check out Schmutzie's Milkmoney or Not, Here I Come. This blog has a crisp, clean design that lets you concentrate on her wonderful writing. Get yourself to a comfy chair and read about chips and chocolate milk for lunch, composing haikus about friends, the pros and cons of living near a meth house, and why pirates can leave the yard. Where's her book, already?

Did you know only 5% of bloggers are over 50? Ou est les Boomers?

Boston-based journalist Rhea is one of the few Boomer voices in the blogosphere. Lucky for readers, she's good. Really good.

At The Boomer Chronicles, she's created a fun, fast-paced and fascinating blog full of bite-size tidbits on topics ranging from funky alternative jobs (including baking pound cakes, opening a plant rental business or being a "How's My Driving?" 800-number-phone-answerer) to retirement planning to the up side of being a Grup. Whether you're a Boomer, Boomer-adjacent, or just hate the word/concept/zeitgeist of Boomer, you'll find something cool.

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