BlogHer Conference

Women's blogs branch out
Conference turnout expected to double

BlogHer is many things to many women. It's a community, a conference, and since May, it'san advertising network. The second edition of the conference will be Friday and Saturday in San Jose. Camahort said Friday's sessions are sold out, and organizers are expecting at least 700 on Saturday, more than double last year's turnout.

Both men and women are welcome, but only women will take the stage as speakers, panelists or discussion leaders.

"We're focusing on what women are accomplishing," Camahort said.

BlogHer was born in early 2005, when Camahort and co-founders Lisa Stone and Jory des Jardins got fed up with males in the blogosphere asking, "Where are all the women bloggers?"

The question became a rallying cry.

The answer? They were everywhere, but it wasn't always that easy to find them.

Yes we are everywhere! And for the second year in a row, and with me in the Bay Area and should be one of the lucky one that can attend, I won't be. They will not hear my pleas to move this event to another weekend. Both times have been planned during my younger son's birthday weekend and priorities in life you know.

Perhaps next year I will luck out.

But for those of you lucky enough to go, please share with us how it went. And I'll post links here of sites that blog about the conference.

Of course, you can find all the info at BlogHer.

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