Friday Link Love - Special Brush Fire Edition

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.

~ Samuel Adams
These blogs have sparked brush fires in my mind this week...

In Debt-Free and Financially Fit: How I'm Digging Myself Out of This Hell Hole, $1 at a Time, your hostess Debt-Free Renee describes her situation: "In debt way too long. It's time to get out. This is my story." In addition to her own fearless self-examination and true stories of stressing, spending and saving, she also has an abundance of links to personal finance and other resources dedicated to helping readers in "facing fears, losing debt and improving finances." Definitely worth a read for those who want their paycheck to go toward their life - not their creditors.

In My Open Wallet, "Madame X," an anonymous single New Yorker in her mid-30s, tells the world how much money she makes and what she spends it on...and how much of it she saves. Talk about gutsy.

Her well-written and well-researched posts explore how she budgets, her quest to buy a home, her financial goals and ambitions, and anything else that relates to money (like, what is amortization, anyway?) Check it out to meet - and be inspired by - a real-life working woman whose net worth is most definitely on the upswing!

I laugh out loud - with relief, mostly - reading Overexcitable, a lively and sharp blog that endeavors to make the working world safe for women geniuses, or as the blog's author Jo Jo more eleoquently puts it, "Why blog? Lofty aim: reduce prejudice against gifted/high IQ people by daily exposure to one such individual. Humble aim: stop annoying family and friends."

By turns, brilliant, bold and self-effacing - and occasionally all at once - she explores the loneliness that comes with being labeled "gifted," the importance of living an authentic life, and the freedom that comes from creating your own rules. If you're gifted, you'll be grateful for a soulmate; and if you believe you are not - at least in the way it's conventionally defined - and tend to find those who are gifted to be profoundly irritating...take a walk in these shoes. There's plenty of compassion to go around.

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