Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

The writer at Full Exposure is beating herself up for sleeping with the ex.

We've all done it. We've all regretted it afterwards. (Or have we?)

But I have to say, this one passage really struck a chord with me, because it is SO true (for me, anyway):
I am a sucker for funny. Funny will get me naked quicker than anything else on God's green Earth.
What is it about funny guys that is so sexy? A funny man will do it to me every time. Seriously.

As far as sleeping with the ex, I hope that by now (since you posted on 12/5) you've cut yourself some slack. Girl, there's nothing wrong with a little somethin' somethin' as long as you don't get caught up again. Recognize this moment for what it was, and then move on. You've only got one life to live. Enjoy it. Don't spend it regretting the past.

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