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In the spirit of the commercialism of the season, Lois Lane over at Home Fires offers up an interesting idea (just don't call it a meme!):

Our imaginary community is so tight that we know each other better than some of our real live fleshy friends know us or we them.

This is no meme crap either so don't give me any lip about playing! Here is what I want you to do. When you see an item that makes you think of a fellow blogger make a mental note. When you get home, type about the person and the gift and why you would get that for them. Money is no object and it's the thought that counts, so "shop" 'til ya drop.

Since the weeks before Christmas are so crazy and hectic, and many of us won't have time to blog, this will be a quick fix. You'll have the notes on your computer. Now all you have to do is do an image search of the gifts and post them all.

Have any of you started holiday shopping yet? I have so many nieces and nephews to shop for that by the time I get through with them, I probably won't have any resources available - or maybe very little - for my friends! A sudden burst of creativity is definitely needed.

Maybe I can just knit everyone a scarf.

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