Commemorating World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.

Danya at Jerusalem Syndrome posts today about the art community's poignant way of remembering those creative souls who have died as a result of this disease.
Art is covered up in museums around the world to commemorate the many people in the art world who have died of AIDS.

Danya also highlights several organizations available if you are so inclined to do your part to stop this epidemic. We're not even close to getting a handle on this. Far more work needs to be done in terms of AIDS education, research, and moving past political pressure to make a real difference.

My high school teacher, Mr. Colon, is the only person I know who has succumbed to this disease. He was one of the most intelligent, vibrant, and witty personalities I had ever known, and he had the most beautiful soul. High school was more than 15 years for me now, but I still miss him.

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