Strong Fighter For Women's Rights Passes Away

As women around the country prepare to celebrate women's history month, one of today's most important women in the fight for equal rights has passed away. Doris Anderson, who was an author and magazine editor, is known for her efforts in campaigning for women's rights.

As far back as 1957, when Anderson become editor of Chatelaine magazine, the spunky female was determined to provide readers with "something serious to think about, something to shake them up." For the 20 years after she was awarded the position, she did just that. Topics covered by the magazine while under her supervision included legalizing abortion, pay equity issues, divorce laws, the plight of working mothers, and family violence. Soon, the magazine became known as one of very few publications to truly express feminist ideals.

After leaving the magazine, Anderson was appointed to president of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women. It was also through her efforts that women banded together and convinced the government to add a clause to the Constitution stating that women are equal to men in the eyes of the law a change that didn't take place until 1981.

Anderson passed away in St. Michael's Hospital from pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 85 after battling poor health for many years. Her efforts are truly appreciated by women everywhere and will not be forgotten.

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