Avon Sheds Light on Female Sense of Empowerment

Avon just released the results of its 2007 Avon Worldwide Women’s Poll to the United Nations. The purpose of the poll was to pinpoint the concerns women throughout the world are facing as well as to measure their sense of life satisfaction and empowerment.

According to these results, 92% of the women polled from around the world feel they have control over their own lives. The number drops to 89% when asked if they felt satisfied about their religions or spiritual lives. 88% of women polled felt they had power over their ability to care for their family.

“We know, and celebrate, that women across the world continue to enjoy increasing freedom and success. From economic empowerment to desires to improve their education, personal safety, and health, in this research we hear women from across the world expressing hope for a better tomorrow. We are especially encouraged to hear the strongest optimism come from women whose countries have the farthest to go.” – Andrea Jung, Chairman and CEO of Avon

Overall, the women polled reported they believed their futures were bright. In addition, over 60% of women polled felt that a woman would be elected as head of state within their own country within the next ten years. Ironically, women in developing countries actually had a greater level of optimism than those living in developed countries, with two-thirds of women in developing countries stating they believed young women would have a better life in ten years than women are currently experiencing. Nearly half the number of women in developed countries responded in the same way, perhaps because women are already enjoying a increased level of empowerment in these countries.

Despite their bright hopes for the future, women in developing countries responded that they were unhappy with the educational opportunities before them. In all, approximately 40% of women polled felt satisfied with their career opportunities. In developed countries, this number increased to 52% while only 33% of women in developing countries felt this way.

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