Women Still Being Murdered for Being “Witches”

It appears that the fear of witchcraft is still alive today. Every United States citizen knows about the senselessness of the Salem Witch Trials. The embarrassment of this event is one that the country gladly puts behind it. But, in Papua New Guinea, the fear of sorcery is still leading to unnecessary deaths,

According to a recent report, police in Papua New Guinea discovered the bodies of four women that appeared to have been tortured until admitting to sorcery. Apparently, the women were blamed for the deaths of three prison officers, who were killed together in a car crash. Using hot metal rods, the villagers allegedly tormented the women before finally killing them and burying them in a standing position.

Although the women were actually killed in October, their bodies were only just discovered because the villagers successfully disguised the gravesite by planting a banana tree and free grass on top of it. They also placed a pair of old vehicle tires on top to further disguise the burial site.

According to reports, this case is not a rarity. The nation is well-known for suspecting women of being witches and killing them by burning them to death or hanging them.

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