Women at an Increased Risk for Heart Disease

In the past, heart disease was not as much of a concern for women as it was for men. But, times have changed. According to a recent report from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, women are now at a greater risk of developing heart problems than men. As such, women are actually now more likely to die from a stroke or heart attack.

Even more frightening, the report claims that women are less likely to be treated by a heart specialist or to be treated to a new facility for care. As a result, women are less likely to receive the same life-saving procedures as their male counterparts. This is likely due to the fact that heart problems are perceived as a “male” problem.

“Women need to be aware that heart disease and stroke are equal opportunity killers, and women need to go in and talk to their family doctors at an annual health exam….and talk about a cardiac risk assessment.” - Dr. Beth Abramson, Heart and Stroke Foundation

The rise in female fatalities connected to heart troubles is not fully understood, though specialists believe it is a combination of social and biological factors. The problems within the medical community and the failure to recognize heart problems in women is also a likely contributor. In fact, the risk of a woman dying within 30 days following an incident is up a mind boggling 16% for heart attacks and 11% for stroke.

Of course, women themselves are also responsible for the rise. Women need to be aware of their risks and of the signs and symptoms associated with heart problems. Taking a quick assessment quiz is a good way for a woman to determine her individual risks and to come up with a plan for better health.

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