Blog Seeks to Help Women Suffering from Domestic Violence

A recently introduced blog is putting a new twist on how people look at blogs. The Hope Centre blog has been created by the Preston Women’s Refuge’s Hope Centre, which is a sanctuary for women that are victims of domestic violence.

"The Hope Centre should stay open. If it wasn't for a flyer I
received at Hope Centre, I'd still be stuck in a nasty situation that would have
just got worse." - Mary, Hope Centre service user.

Apparently, the Centre is facing the possibility of having to shut its doors. So, in an attempt to spread awareness about domestic violence while also raising money to stay open for the women that need them, the Centre as launched what is being referred to as a “fly on the wall” blog.

In this blog, staff and women staying at the center keep an on-line diary or web-log of sorts. This blog providers readers with a real-time look at what is taking place at the Centre. In addition, it gives the women staying at the Centre the opportunity to express just how much the place means to them.

A visit to the blog can certainly become an eye-opening experience.

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