Save the McRib

The Thaoist over at The Tao of Thao posted earlier this week about the McDonald's McRib sandwich. This cracked me up to no end because I have a friend who is wild about this sandwich. Some of you readers might be interested to know:

Now Micky D's has launched a McRib campaign, the McRib farewell tour. There is a petition you can "sign" online to keep it going. You can send in your McRib pictures and they even have t-shirt decals you can download.
Aaaah. The McRib. You either love it or revile it.

But what amused me even more than the fact that McDonald's "bring back the McRib" campaign appears to be nothing more than a PR stunt, was the ingenuity the Taoist displayed when it came to her childhood and providing for her Barbies:

I happen to [have] good memories of the McRib. It first appeared in 1982 but I don't quite remember when my mom decided she wasn't going to cook anymore and that raising her kids on good, wholesome American fast food was the right thing to do.

I would get the McRib. It came in the Styrofoam packaging that was so popular back then. It wasn't that the McRib was so great that I had to eat it. There was a greater purpose. You see the brown, oval shaped non-recyclable Styrofoam container that housed the McRib also served as a bath tub for my Barbie.
This brought a tear to my eye, truly. As a girl who used to make her Barbie clothes out of old socks, I could totally relate.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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