Pay Per Post Just Makes My Life Difficult

I rarely post on this blog - it's not my job. My job (among others) is to sort through the submissions to the BlogsByWomen directory (you didn't think a human had to do that did you :)

Yesterday, instead of being mildly amusing with occasional highlights, checking the blogs sucked.

Why? Because of all the Pay Per Post spam!

A full 40% of the sites submitted had PPP in them.

I had to fully read and check every blog instead of a quick scan to catch the obvious spammers and stinky boys. It took three times longer than usual. I figure I'll learn to spot these as fast as the usual suspects, but for right now... Ugh.

Because of that we have had to add a PPP checkbox to the submission form.

One of the thoughts that kept paddling across my head as I bumped into more and more of these was how out of place these postings are. For example, on a blog about TV shows is a post about "Understanding men", and "Sell Your home Fast" with the required link back to the spam site.

Other musings were:
  • "If dooce started blogging now, would she fill her blog with spam like these people?".
  • "Is there much money in PPP?" - the answer to this one is not really. The highest all time earner has only made $6,500 or so. Good money in India but here it's probably below minimum wage for the time involved.
  • "Doesn't anyone realize the big money is in really good, original content?"
Well, that's enough from me. Two posts from me is way too much. Hopefully I won't get as annoyed by this tomorrow.

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