Harvard Promotes its First Woman to Position of President

Harvard has recently announced that it will be promoting its first woman to position of president. Drew Gilpin Faust, currently the dean for the University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, will be the first women to fill this prestigious position in the 371 history of the University.

The news of Faust’s promotion to this position is particularly meaningful considering the previous president, Lawrence H. Summers, had remarked that women have a lower “intrinsic aptitude” for science than their male counterparts.

Faust will be the 28th president of the University, and reports indicate that the members of the Harvard faculty and staff are pleased with her placement in the position. Apparently, her predecessor was not very accomplished when it comes to bringing together workers and persuading them to jump on board with change. In fact, Faust has been referred to as an “experienced consensus-builder.” In fact, Bruce H. Mann from the Carl Schipper law department commented “she knows that you can get people to go a lot farther if you persuade them rather than if you drag them.”

In her move to University president, Faust will go from overseeing just 100 employees in her current position to overseeing 25,000.

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