Another Cartoon Brouhaha

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I was surprised by the offense some women bloggers were sharing about this cover art for an Austin (TX) newspaper:

Queens of Cyberspace

I was tickled by Matsu's equally retro art in response, though I'm pretty sure that wasn't her intention:

Feminist humor

Of course, none of us has spoken to the artist, so each of us is making up our own version of the piece...

And what I make up is that this artist's tongue-in-cheek sensibility led him or her to create a piece that equates the anxiety that the late-1950's-strong-sexy-about-to-become-women's-libbers caused the status the anxiety being caused by the fact that women have "discovered" technology (once a all-boys' club), and are bending it to their will to forward crazy agendas like (gasp) community. I think it's hilarious in that it's so obviously dated, and so clearly plays with the idea of women and power.

As we say at the New Charm School, it's all made up anyway. It's human nature to fill in blanks when we don't have all the data. So why not make up that it's something that will change the world for the better? It's the same amount of work, and you get more accomplished.

Besides, no matter your personal politics, I submit that there are bigger things to get wound up about these days regarding women's rights than a cartoon in a regional newspaper. See also: South Dakota.

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