BlogsByWomen Redesign Finally Takes Flight

We've been talking about a redesign for a while, something more up to date, more "web 2.0". Unfortunately, we could never find a good designer to do the job at a reasonable price, or create a design of our own that we liked. But we persevered and finally have something we could agree on.

The new Directory Of Women Bloggers design went live today and contains many updates and improvements, with hooks and places for more features. We're still checking for bugs so excuse us if anything weird happens.

The first new addition is a "featured blogs" section, right on the home page and at the top of each category that allows new and currently listed bloggers to gain increased traffic and a valuable pagerank link to their blog. Adding your already listed blog to this featured section will be available later this week - login to see more.

Find out more about the benefits of being listed in the Blogs By Women directory.

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