Dignity. Period!

I checked this out, and sadly, it's all true. A note from Sokwanele, a civic action support group in Zimbabwe:

We've posted up an article on our blog highlighting a campaign being run for Zimbabwean women who are unable to buy sanitary ware in Zimbabwe (the campaign is called "Dignity.Period!")

Lack of hygienic products leads to health risks through infection, and consequently reduced life-expectancy if the women is HIV positve etc. It's an appalling reality for women in Zimbabwe.

This is a campaign which international people are able to help with (so many people simply don't know what they can do to help Zimbabwe even if they want to) and we wondered if you'd help us to publicise awareness of this. We'd also appreciate suggestions of who else we should contact to ask for help and would welcome your ideas on how else we can spread the word.

Very best wishes,


Reading the post about this on their blog, including a article about this horrific situation in The Sunday Times (UK), my stomach twisted. It's sometimes hard to remember how big the world is, and that things like this happen to women even now, in 2006.

Please consider helping them get the word out, and build their mailing list by asking your friends to subscribe to their newsletter. They can do so automatically via their website, or send an email to newsletter [at] sokwanele dot com.

If you want to do a bit more, you can read information on about the campaign on the ACTSA website or make a secure online donation to the campaign here.

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