One more reason why the Abramoff scandals will hurt the GOP, no matter how much they try to muddy the waters.

Oh yeah. All those Dems are so-oo in bed with Jack Abramoff and his pal Tom DeLay that they were funding attack ads against other Democrats.

Americans can be uninformed or misinformed, but unfortunately for the GOP, they aren't completely stupid. They may believe that in general both parties have corrupt members, but Libby, DeLay, Abramoff and [insert latest corruption scandal] are so obviously one-sided that they have taken a toll on Bush and the GOP. Abramoff-related indictments are almost certainly (given what we know) going to hit only Republicans that all Dems have to do is ask, "If the Republicans are the only ones being indicted, how could this be a scandal that affects both parties?"

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