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Maybe it's time for a blogroll, eh?

When I started BlogsbyWomen (BbW), I tried having a blogroll, but I was using a 500 link blogroll created by another blogger. I decided I wouldn't use it because it would offer very little incentive for those bloggers to head over to the directory and add their blog. I wanted to wait until after I built the directory and offered only those who are listed in the directory an opportunity to be listed on the blogroll.


1. Everyone who joins the blogroll will be expected to add the BbW blogroll code to their blog. This way, we promote each other.

2. The blogroll will be capped at 250 blogs + 1. The extra blog will be the Blogs by Women blog. If you want to be listed, let us know as soon as possible. Email me if you want your blog added to the blogroll.

Links will be checked periodically and dead blogs will be removed from the blogroll. In addition, if you do not update your blog regularly, your blog will be removed.

UPDATE August 20, 2005: Grab the code here. You MUST add the code before you send a request to join the blogroll. Your blog must be listed in the directory also.

UPDATE August 22, 2005:

DO NOT send your blog information to me if you want it added to the directory. You can Submit Your Blog to the directory yourself. Many women are emailing me to have their blog added to the directory without even visiting the directory first. Two submission links are placed prominently at the top of the directory page. Ya can't miss it.

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